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本文摘要:.当你到外洋旅行而预定旅店被取消时,该如何与旅店服务员交流:A: My name is Jack Brown, Ive a reservation.我叫杰克·布朗。我已经预订了房间。


.当你到外洋旅行而预定旅店被取消时,该如何与旅店服务员交流:A: My name is Jack Brown, I've a reservation.我叫杰克·布朗。我已经预订了房间。B:I am sorry, Mr. Brown, but we didn't expect you any more today. You had planned to arrive at about seven tonight.but it is near eleven now. so we canceled your reservation.很歉仄,布朗先生。我们没想到您今天还会来。

你预订的时间是晚上7点左右到达,但现在已靠近半夜11点了,所以我已把您的预约取消了。A:Yes,I didn't have a chance to call you. do you have any other rooms available?是的,我没有时机打电话给你们,你们现在另有其他空房吗?B:We only have an executive suite available now.我们只有这套总统套房了。A: How much is this?几多钱?B:Three hundred fifty dollars a night, They have a bedroom, a living room and a bathroom as well as a kitchenette.350美元一晚,配有卧室,客厅和浴室另有一个小厨房。

A: That's pretty expensive,but I guess I've no choice, Can you change me to a regular deluxe room tomorrow.太贵了,不外,我想今天别无选择,你明天可以给我换普通豪华房吗?B:OK Tomrrow afternoon we can, Do you wish to stay in the executive suite for tonight?好的,明天下午可以换,今晚您计划住这总统套房吗?A: Sure, but I want to change rooms tomorrow.那可定了,不外明天要给我换房。B: No. problem没问题。2.在外洋旅行,需要在旅店洗衣服及熨烫衣服服务时,该如何与旅店洗衣部人员交流:A:What can I do for you?我能为您做些什么?B: Could you send someone up for my laundry, please? Room 908,Bell.请问能派人到9房间取要洗的衣服吗?908房间,贝尔。


A:Certainly,Mrs.Bell, A valet will be up in a few minutes.固然可以,洗熨工马上就到。B:Good. I also have a silk dress which I don't think is color-fast, Will be color run in the wash?好的,我有一件丝质的连衣裙,不知道是否不褪色,洗衣时是否掉色?A:We'll dry-clean the dress, Then the color won't run.我们会干洗这连衣裙,这样就不会掉色。B:Are you sure? Good! And the lining of my husband's jacket has come unstitched, it might tear over further while washing.你能保证吗?太好了,另有我丈夫的夹克衬里开线了,洗衣时开线处是否会更大?A:Don't worry, Madam. We'll stitch it before washing.不要担忧,女士,我们洗前会把开线缝好的。

B: That's fine, Now. When can I have my laundry bak?很好!那我何时能取回洗的衣服?A:Usually it takes about two days to have laundry done, But would you like express service, that is, within the same day.通常两天就能为您洗好,不外,你要快洗服务,也就是当日取。B:What is the difference in price?价钱上有什么区别吗?A:We charge 50% more for express, but it only takes 5 hours.快洗要加收50%,只要5小时。B:And for same day, will I get the dress and shirt back this evening?如果当日取,我可以在今晚前取回我的衣服和连衣裙吗?A: Yes, madam, All deliveries will be made before six o'clock.是的,女士,所有的衣服将在6点钟之前完成。

B:I'll have express then.那我要快洗吧。



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